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Welcome to Brunswick Nurseries

Sept 22nd 2023 Update...FALL SALE 40% OFF ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT!! in the Garden Center-wide Fall Sale 40% OFF all trees shrubs and perennials. Friday, Sat. and Sunday, 9-5pm. Closing for the season at 5pm Sunday Sept 24th. After that, call Duncan to arrange purchase of plants or materials by appointment at the Garden Center. I'm often nearby! . September is a great time for planting! Still lots of trees and shrubs to choose from, and mulch, compost and topsoil bagged or bulk. Delivery can be arranged.We have so much stock, I can hardly believe it! We carry a wide selection of perennials, shrubs and trees that deer dont like. 

In addition to plants, we have four kinds of bark mulch, salmon compost, and top soil, either bulk loaded onto your vehicle, bulk or bagged. We also have commercially bagged soils, potting mix, and peat moss. Delivery can be arranged. 506-847-8244,

If you can't reach us, or need to get in after hours for a purchase, call Duncan at 506-645-8222. Dont leave a message. Just keep trying!!