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At Brunswick Nurseries we are following a trend in nursery stock production in Canada away from traditional field growing of trees and shrubs in favour of what's called Container Growing. Simply put, that is the growing of nursery stock for its entire production cycle in pots. We start with seedlings in tiny plugs, and move them into 1 gallon, then 2 gallon, and so on until sold. The growth rate is amazing, and there is no disturbance to the roots from digging or transplanting, so container grown plants have near perfect transplanting success, and are less-stressed or set-back than traditional field-dug stock.

We have about five thousand plants in production now, flowering shrubs, and native evergreens and hardwoods. In quantity lots, these plants are considerably cheaper than larger individuals in the garden center, making them economical for naturalizing large areas, and creating hedges and privacy screens. Not only cheaper, they are easier to handle and plant, and have a near-perfect success rate.

From a farming perspective, Container Growing is logical too. Way more plants can be produced per acre, and poor ground is as suitable as rich ground, as the plants are raised in man-made potting mix. Natural soil is not taken from fields, weed control and winter protection are much easier, etc etc. It makes sense in every way!

Winter storage cold frame for container grown plants
Container grown evergreens inside cold frame for winter
Fast growing native cedar for hedging and naturalizing. 1gal, 2 gal. and 3 gal. sizes
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